Mastering Leadership Agility

How To Motivate and Inspire Your Team Member To Go The Extra Mile


By discovering and clarifying your own purpose and values first, you will be able to spot what drives others and adjust your leadership approach to suit these differences.

Tuning into personal values when building work and customer relationships, increases the chances of buying into what a person or product or service is offering.

This 2 day Master Class starts with an introduction to how you can master leadership agility using our unique global learning methodology, with a focus on LEADERSHIP REFLECTION.

Finally, you will learn alongside colleagues and with others, how to use purpose and values to motivate others; and plan how to implement this new leadership agility practice in the workplace for increasing engagement, productivity, overall commitment to necessary improvement change and sustainable success.

The Master Class will bring the following benefits

Change influencers can be identified who have the specific personal values required to role model the necessary work improvements

People know what one another’s purpose and values are, and the positive motivational impact this has on them, their colleagues, customers and the organization as a whole

People with ‘agile - adaptive’ personal values can be placed in influential positions leading change implementation

The enterprise will know which purpose and personal values it must not compromise on, if brand clarity and strength is to be maintained.


AgilityShip represents the combined individual, team, organisational and community capability and capacity required to remain adaptable and constantly improve by consciously accessing and deliberately applying a diverse range of knowledge and expertise to combat constant change that is affecting our lives.

We experience leadership as special human-to-human (humane-natural world) connection. We believe anyone, regardless of their age, background or position, can grow themselves and others in this way.


'Working with Paul is thoroughly refreshing experience, having first worked closely with him last summer on a technical project he leads with passion and gives him team space and support to breathe, innovate and provide great results whilst both provoking thought with relevant questions and providing valuable insight from his own experiences and knowledge
Adam Bird
Business Intelligent Consultant
"Dr Paul Aitken is a source of inspiration when it comes to advanced leadership. I have the privilage to learn from him and his program is intellectually stimulating, Not only it allowed me to gain valuable insights, the practices are relevant and appicable to my current work area. Totally enjoyed his sharings and highly recommend to learn from him as his lectures are relatable and sense- making
Yeo Lay Peng Rosaline
Nurse Manager Tan Tock Seng Hospital


6-7 Maret 2019

9.00 - 17.00 WIB

Ritz Carlton Hotel

Mega Kuningan


Our Humanity is our best competitive advantage. In a world becoming dominated by AI, augmented reality and automated jobs, humans aren’t a resource (HR), they’re our community – our Fellowship. So, in re-humanising leadership and re-inventing leadership development, we want our learners to see an organisation, or a family, or a community, as living breathing precious belonging, made up of living breathing different people, in a world full of inspirational natural beauty. We’re all customers of the leadership we’re presented with, so followership is always a choice, gained through respecting and rallying uniqueness, ingenuity and passion.

Dr. Paul Aitken

Founder Of Mastering Leadership Agility (UK) Ltd

Mahesh L. Balani

CEO Of MLA (Singapore Pte Ltd

Mahesh L has been in the business of impacting lives for over 20 years. Beginning in Sales, in a diverse range of industries, he began to realize his true purpose and passion lay in helping others develop their potential, talent and capabilities This led him to embark on a path to effect change through team based and individual development programmas.

As a Speaker and Facilitator, he is an extremely versatile and talented person. He is able to do the serious conferences as well as the fun events. His specialty is his ability to engage with the audience. In this sense , he has spent a large portion of his life seeking new and exciting ways to engage and entertain an audience. Having shouldered responsibilities from front line sales to business management and event management, he brings a wealth of corporate experience which reinforces his skills to impact and connect with the audiences.
Mahesh L has impacted above 20,000 participants across all levels, starting f
ront Line Executives to Senior Management and SME – Business Owners and over 100 Workshops in more than 5 countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Hong Kong. As a Business Consultant, he brings with him many years in running businesses, as an entrepreneur and business owner and is now is in a privileged position to advise leaders, teams and organisations on how to increase productivity, sustain profitability and produce wider prosperity through TOTAL PEOPLE’S ENGAGEMENT initiatives and CHANGE LEADERSHIP PRACTICES. In this respect, his work is grounded in BEHAVIOURAL PRINCIPLES and the SCIENCE OF LEADERSHIP AGILITY DEVELOPMENT, His inspiring approach to people development is focused on helping people develop greater self-awareness, overcoming their blind spots and in the process transform their business performance, to better serve both internal and external customers, build their personal brand and boost bottom line which brings down cost efficiency. He has also impacted many students and teachers in International schools including Dulwich College, British School KL, International
School Park City KL, St Joseph Institute, and American International School (Dhaka).





Included lunch and coffee break





Included lunch and coffee break


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