To build professionalism we provide Soft Skill and Hard Skill Public Training or Workshop.We also develop customize In-House Training dedicated only for your company

 Achievement Motivation Training

▪ Communication Skill

▪ Coaching Skill for Manager

▪ Training for Trainer

▪ Selling Skill

▪ Self Coaching for Salesperson

▪ Negotiation Skill

▪ Leadership

▪ Hypnoselling

▪ Man Power Planning for Manager

▪ OutBond Management Training

▪ etc



In order to help organization to winning business we develop Business Plans, Strategic Plans, Organization Development and Human Capital Management System

▪ KPI Set Up

▪ Business Plan

▪ Strategic Planning

▪ Human Capital System

▪ Recruitment And Selection

▪ Compensation and Benefit System

▪ Job Analysis and Job Evaluation

▪ Training Set Up and evaluation

▪ Industrial Relation Set Up

▪ Competency Mapping

▪ Quality Management

▪ HR audit System

▪ etc



Coaching is management tools which can accelerate employee performance on business and organization. We provide Business Coaching, Executive Personal Coaching and Executive Group Coaching

▪ Meet Your Success Program

▪ Personal Life Coach

▪ Sales performance Coach

▪ Manager Coach

▪ Business Coach

▪ Executive Coach

▪ Coaching Academy professional Program (workshop and Training)

▪ etc



Our expertise on Outbound Management will make your learning on your organization fun and happy. It will help you to break the ice between any level on your organization

▪ Fun Outing 

▪ Competency Assessment Outbound 

▪ Outbond Management

▪ Team Building Outbound

▪ Character Building Outbound

▪ Corporate Culture Integration Outbound

▪ etc


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